Monday, April 20, 2009

Flexi Sign Pro 8


The industry standard for Sign Making software, SAi's Flexi Family 8 continues to offer your Sign Making business innovative tools with very profitable results. By integrating finely tuned technology with years of feedback from our Sign Making partners and users, Flexi Family 8.5 maintains its status as the number one choice for dependable, feature-rich Sign Making software with uncompromising quality.

The Flexi FAMILY offers a full line of 6 different products for professional sign making. Whether you are looking for a simple package for text layout and vinyl cutting, high production features with cutting and printing tools or something in between, SAi has a software solution for you.
# Smart, Easy and Powerful
# Print & Cut Made Quick, Easy and Accurate
# Gerber User Support
# Complete Color Separation Controls

Flexi 8.5 Whats New
Flexi 8.5 Features list

The SAi flagship product, offers the total solution for any Sign Making business. With genuine Adobe® PostScript® 3 RIP engine, ICC profile support and built-in direct drivers, FlexiSIGN-PRO offers a complete set of design, cutting, RIPing and printing tools for maximum productivity.

The package for the professional sign maker who requires advanced vinyl cutting and bitmap editing tools, without color-printing output. FlexiEXPERT includes full design, text serialization and color tracing features, as well as job estimating for accurate project management and design templates for faster production.

Abrand-new design, scanning and tracing software package with complete cutting output. FlexiPRINT & CUT has the versatility to RIP and print to two devices simultaneously. Text Styles and Job Statistics are also included for impeccable results.

The mid-level Sign Making package provides exceptional tools to produce high-quality signage without a large initial investment. In addition to design, vinyl cutting, scanning and tracing capabilities, FlexiSIGN also includes Job Statistics and Text Styles for enhanced performance..

The entry-level layout and cutting package, features file import/export, full text manipulation and direct drivers for the industry's most popular vinyl cutters.

A program you can use as a second, design-only station. Get all the design, layout and image editing features of FlexiSIGN-PRO, as well as file preparation for output on another Flexi Family station, without the full price investment., offers the total solution for any sign making business.



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